How to track the effectiveness of traffic sources. Practical advice



Analyzing the effectiveness of traffic sources helps a webmaster determine the profitability of advertising investments and, most importantly, understand which channels have produced the best and worst results. By using analytical data, you can minimize budget waste, improve the performance of advertising campaigns, and ultimately increase your revenue. Let's discuss how to track the effectiveness of traffic sources using the tools of the CleverAff affiliate program.

How to use SubIDs for result analysis

The SubID identifier is one of the best tools for tracking the performance of traffic channels. It is a special tag that is added to the end of an affiliate link. With SubIDs, you can collect data on conversions. For example, when you use a tagged affiliate link for an advertising campaign, you can clearly see how many traders came to you through that link.

How to add SubID to an affiliate link? This can be done in the affiliate dashboard when creating the link. For convenience, we recommend using a SubID name that indicates the topic of a specific ad or the channel where the link will be used. You can use letters and numbers in the name. You can also edit a previously created link.

Let's take an example of how SubID works. The CleverAff partner promotes several projects: YouTube, Facebook, Telegram, and a website. They track overall data on project results in their affiliate dashboard using the "By promo" filter.

The affiliate wants to get more detailed information about the YouTube project. He regularly publishes videos on their channel and wants to understand which formats and topics bring them the most conversions. Therefore, the affiliate generated an affiliate link with a unique SubID for each new video. This allows him to see conversions for specific videos – which videos resonate well with the audience and bring in new traders, and which ones are a waste of time and budget. Based on the results, they can adjust their content.

To make it easier to track the effectiveness of specific videos in the future, they created unique names for the SubID labels. In the example, you can see the affiliate link editing window, where the project name "YouTube" and the SubID name "review" are indicated.

Using the "By SubID" filter, the affiliate sees the performance of each of their videos in the "YouTube" project.

The SubID identifier is also useful if you have multiple projects where you use multiple social networks to drive traffic. For example, one of the projects involves targeting social networks like Facebook and VK. By using unique links with SubIDs in the ads for each of these social networks, you can see which channel converts the audience better. This approach can also be used to evaluate and compare the profitability of individual projects.

Lifehack #1: If you are running multiple Telegram seeding campaigns simultaneously, you can use SubIDs to track the effectiveness of traffic sources and determine which channels bring in the most registrations and FTDs. To do this, firstly, direct the audience to a chat bot, and secondly, set up the chat bot to provide links with SubID tags based on where the user came from. For example, if a person came from channel "X," they receive a link with one SubID tag, and if they came from channel "Y," the link will have another tag. This way, you can run seedings on different channels without splitting the advertising campaign over several days.

It's worth noting that SubID has similar functionality to a Tracker, which is used to collect and analyze data on advertising campaigns. However, we recommend using SubID now, as Trackers will be fully replaced by the SubID identifier in the affiliate program in the near future. The advantage of SubID is that it can be used when setting up postback links. Additionally, SubID link data is displayed in the "By Traders" statistics, which is very convenient for working with analytics.

Lifehack #2: If you want to get statistics for a specific day, simply click on the date (left column in the image).

Then you will see detailed information:

  • IDs and IPs of all traders active on that day;
  • a list of assets they traded;
  • the number of transactions;
  • deposit amounts;
  • payouts and your earnings.


You can then track statistics for each specific trader, including the total deposit and payout amounts, date of the first deposit, bonus size, etc.

The statistical information allows you to assess the quality of attracted traders and draw conclusions about which channels bring in active users who make deposits, trade, and generate profit for you, and from which channels you receive registrations without FTDs.

Monitoring the effectiveness of advertising channels is an important stage in traffic management. Thanks to the analytical data you receive in the partner cabinet through SubID, you can optimize your strategy for attracting new traders and wisely allocate your budget, investing resources only in effective channels. If you have any questions about the use of analytical tools available in the partner cabinet, please contact a CleverAff manager.