How to work with Influencers to create a flow of traffic from social networks



Influencer marketing, as you already know, is one of the most profitable and effective tools that generates a stream of quality traffic to the platform. Now in CleverAff affiliate program influencer traffic is at the top in terms of volume and brings high profits to partners.

If you don't work with Influencer traffic or bloggers-influencers yet, we advise you to learn this tool as soon as possible. In this article, we'll go over the key aspects of working with bloggers to make it easier for you to incorporate influencer marketing into your strategy.

Who are influencers?

Influencers, i.e. popular bloggers, often have the same army of fans as celebrities. People gladly subscribe to interesting personalities on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and other social networks, follow their lives, focus on their opinions and advice.

Influencer with its loyal audience is a profitable advertising platform for an affiliate. With the blogger's help it is possible to convert beginning traders and interest those who are still unknown to the area of binary options. Using the right approach, working with influencers gives a good result in sales, an impressive volume of traffic and an increase in the audience on the advertiser's resources.

Advantages and disadvantages of working with influencers

Like any other tool, influencer marketing has its pros and cons. It's a good idea to see both sides of the coin before investing in it. 

Advantages of influencer marketing: 


  • There are a lot of bloggers on the market, so finding the right influencer to advertise binary options is not difficult. It isn't necessary to look for a trader blogger (although this is a definite plus), you can choose among experts in business, finance and investments, also among authors of educational content and even lifestyle bloggers.

  • Bloggers with a good reputation and loyal audience help to increase the level of trust in a product or brand, which is extremely important for promotion in general.

  • The right influencer marketing is informational and educational in nature, so it doesn't cause rejection like obsessive "head-on" advertising.

  • Influencers often have blogs on different sites, duplicating content, including advertising. At the same time, the audience in different social networks only partially overlap with each other. For example, in TikTok only 30% of the audience that the blogger already has in Instagram, and the rest are other subscribers. In this way, the reach of the advertisement can be expanded. 

  • Influencers' creative approaches to presenting the product, explaining the benefits, and using clear language will help make the topic of trading accessible and appealing to the general public.


Disadvantages of influencer marketing: 


  • There is a risk of encountering scammers who pose as influencers but in reality have a baited blog.

  • Bloggers can be unreliable in terms of business relations, can simply forget to shoot ads and publish it on time, do not contact for a long time, justifying themselves by being busy. 

  • Influencers often take prices for advertising from the ceiling or make unreasonable demands to advertisers.

  • Some bloggers may refuse to promote binary options, confusing this sphere, for example, with scam.

  • In most cases, influencers don't give any guarantees of the result. It is impossible to forecast revenue, as it is difficult to predict whether the advertisement will go to the audience or not.


Despite the disadvantages, working with influencer can give excellent results. The main thing is to plan all the processes competently: from finding a blogger to agreeing on the details of collaboration.

How much does it cost to collaborate with an opinion leader?

Obviously, working with influencers requires financial investment. But what kind? To launch a full-fledged advertising campaign with a major influencer may require about $10,000. However, it's not necessary to focus on bloggers with millions of dollars. Since usually the cost of advertising at the blogger depends on the size of the audience, the advertising investment can be much less. Let's look at the pricing policies of Instagram and Youtube influencers as an example.

The cost of advertising also depends on the format of advertising in a particular social network, for example, stories in Instagram are cheaper than a post or Reels. Also, the price depends on the geo of the blogger. influencers from tier 3 countries, such as India, have a much more modest pricing policy.

Each category of influencers has its own specifics. For example, a nano blogger can give high engagement with low reach because the ads are perceived as friendly advice. A micro blogger has a maximally active and loyal audience with which he interacts closely in comments and live broadcasts. Advertisers are most interested in macro bloggers who have a wide reach and quality content. But mega influencers are extremely expensive, they are approached by large advertisers to create viral advertising content and increase brand awareness among the public.

In addition to ad rates, bloggers can use other payment models: 


  • CPI (Cost-per-impression), where you pay per number of views.

  • CPC (Cost-per-click), when you pay a set price for all clicks on a link or application of a promo code with a tracking tag.

  • CPA (Cost-per-action), when you pay directly for performing a target action on the site. 


Which option to choose is up to you. However, when working with a blogger on CPI and CPC it is important to be 100% confident in the honesty and reliability of the blogger, otherwise you can pay for the scrambled views or get "garbage" traffic.

Where to look and how to choose an influencer for advertising?

There are three ways to find a suitable influencer:


  1. Looking among those bloggers you know yourself or asking advice from people you know. If you are subscribed to various bloggers, you probably have in mind those you would like to collaborate with. Or, for example, if your friends have ordered advertising from some influencer and received a positive result, then you can safely add a proven contact to your list.

  2. Do a manual search. The point is that you open the social network you are interested in and through an internal search look for popular bloggers on the topic you need. 

  3. Select bloggers through special services and exchanges, for example, Getblogger, LabelUp, Storiesgain. Using such resources, you can find influencers by various parameters: topic, audience size, reach, prices, etc.


After you make a list of influencers, you should analyze and make sure that a particular blogger is suitable for you. To do this, you need to go through the following parameters:

  • Reputation. It's important for a blogger to have a reputation for being "adequate". Some authors with an audience of many thousands have earned popularity by creating provocative or scandalous content. The audience of such bloggers expects not to take advertising seriously. In addition, collaboration with scandalous bloggers can damage the reputation of the brand.

  • Reality of figures. In pursuit of numbers, bloggers can resort to scrambling subscribers and activity on the page. As a rule, blogger search services make a note of possible cheating. But if you search manually, pay attention to the ratio of audience size to the number of views / likes / comments. For example, if a blogger has 700 thousand subscribers, but the views on a video are no more than a thousand, it can be a red flag. In addition, if all posts have approximately the same number of views, likes and comments, it may indicate that they are being baited. 

  • Engagement. It is important that the audience is engaged with the blogger's content. This is indicated by interactions, in particular, comments from subscribers. If the comments are meaningful and adequate, then the blog is alive.

  • Target Audience. Make sure that the majority of subscribers are old enough and financially solvent. Often big bloggers who shoot entertainment content have an audience of teenagers. You can check the age of subscribers through statistics or by analyzing comments and likes. Look at the profiles of those who react to the blogger's posts. Are they real people with completed profiles or empty pages with lots of subscriptions? Are they adults or children? It is important that the majority of active subscribers are over the age of 18. In this case, it is possible to work with the blogger.

  • Content. Be sure that the author hasn't previously published posts that conflict with your offer. For example, if in one of his previous videos he told that trading is a waste of time, compared earning money on binary options with scams, "exposed" trading platforms, etc., then your offer will now look suspicious to the audience.

  • Blog advertising. Look at what and how influencer has advertised previously. Pay attention to whether he has already offered his subscribers to earn on Binarium or another trading platform. If you find such posts, you should refuse to collaborate, because the audience that was interested in trading has already taken advantage of the offer.

  • Geo of the blogger. Pay attention to which geos the influencer works with. It often happens that English-speaking blogger is watched from different countries. And if your offer is focused on a particular geo, then for the majority of subscribers advertising will be irrelevant. It is better to focus on bloggers who work with the geo you need.


In general, it is worth observing the work of the influencer, how he presents content, how he makes advertising, and how he communicates with the audience. Consider how the topic of binary options fits into his style and content. Wouldn't an offer from his mouth sound clumsy and unnatural? If even at the level of feelings it seems that something is not right, it is better to look further.

Types of advertising from influencers: what to choose?

There are many advertising options that bloggers can offer you, and they differ in format, cost and effectiveness. If we talk about formats, for example, in Instagram it can be a video or photo post, reels and stories, in Youtube and TikTok – video. Everything is simple, you can advertise in all available formats offered by any social network. But you should understand the types of advertising.

Direct advertising – the easiest option to tell about your offer through the influencer. In such advertising, the blogger directly presents the product and talks about its benefits. Direct advertising can be of any format, but Instagram stories have an advantage – the ads can be packaged in an interactive format and storytelling. 

Native advertising is the natural integration of a product into the author's content without obvious calls to action. This is a rather controversial format, as audiences easily identify native ads and may react negatively to them. In addition, few bloggers know how to make really good native ads, and those who can, often don't want to expend the effort.

Overview is the popular type of advertising, where the blogger shows the product in operation. In our case – shows the interface, functionality, features, trading process, etc.

Advice is a blogger's usual recommendation on how to solve some problem, make life easier and better. Bloggers often share their own content, but, of course, social media users can easily recognize advertising. As an option, a blogger can make a series of stories about being interested in the topic of trading and actively exploring opportunities, and after a time – to share the results and give "advice" on where to trade better.  

Sponsorship is a variant of advertising where the blogger, more often a Youtube blogger, directly declares who is the sponsor of the video and calls the audience to action. 

Advertising insert (in the video) – a short advertisement that can appear at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the video. Some bloggers do creative in-game ads, while others may just use a video from an advertiser. 

A promotional stream is a live stream where the blogger promotes the offer in every way possible. For example, showing how they trade live, telling something about a trading subject and from time to time referring to the trading platform or, alternatively, broadcasting in a Q&A format and naturally integrating information about the platform into the answers.

How to organize work with a blogger?

Once you've chosen the blogger, the type of advertising, and the payment format, you need to organize the work process. 


  • Formalization of the relationship. This issue should be taken seriously. Ideally, you need to draw up and sign a contract for services, but if there is no such opportunity, then be sure to save screenshots of correspondence with the blogger or his manager with agreements on all the conditions of advertising: price, terms, publication formats, etc.

  • Technical task for advertising. Describe in detail and understandably everything that is required from the blogger. If the advertising campaign uses your creatives, texts, images or videos, then describe the instructions for adapting and publishing the content. If the blogger creates the advertisement himself, then spell out the main meanings of the offer, and also indicate what is forbidden to talk about. Attach references with examples and counterexamples of advertising, as well as all necessary links and tagged promo codes. Be sure to spell out the publishing schedule.

  • Approval of the finished content. If the blogger is in the process of adapting your creatives or creating their own, you'll need to approve the promotional materials to avoid mistakes or incorrect presentation of the offer. Agree on this in advance.

  • Control over the publication of advertisements. Don't rely totally on the blogger's responsibility, as they may forget to publish or move the date without warning. Also keep an eye on what content, especially promotional posts, the blogger publishes before your ads are released. If, for example, tomorrow your post should be released, but today the blogger advertises a competitor or controversial products/services that can undermine the trust of the audience, it is better to postpone the release of your ads or refuse at all.

  • Analyze results. Use affiliate links in your ads to track campaign results for each individual traffic purchase in CleverAff statistics. It's also a good idea to see how the audience reacts to your offer. Analyze the reaction of subscribers, read comments and feedback. It will help you adjust your creatives and increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.


Tip 1: creating the terms of reference, focus on the blogger's style. The advertising campaign should organically fit into the individual style of the influencer. As practice shows, the response to such advertising is much higher.

Tip 2: make sure that the blogger correctly understands the terms of collaboration and technical task. influencers can trivially overlook some information, forget or misunderstand. Therefore, it is better to summarize your agreements in the form of a list of all conditions and requirements. 

How to use influencer traffic?

Influencer traffic is the users who have moved from the blogger's site to your target site. As part of the affiliate program, you can use influencer traffic in several ways:


  • drive traffic from the blog directly to the trading platform, using direct calls to register or apply promo codes for deposits;

  • redirecting the audience to a landing page with detailed conditions and benefits, and from there – to the platform;

  • transfer people to your own platform in social networks, for example, to your blog in Instagram, to a channel in Telegram or Youtube, where you will warm up the audience first, and then convert them to the required action.


It's important to mention that using influencer traffic to develop your own channel or blog is a time-consuming and quite expensive process. But this is how you can create a free and constant source of traffic for yourself. 

The ultimate goal of using influencer traffic should be understood in advance. The formulation of your offer and creatives depends on it. It's important that the user clearly understands what they need to do. If you lead directly to the platform, it should be clear in the call to action: "Register...", "Use the promo code and get...". If there are intermediate platforms (a landing page, your channel or blog), then directly say what the user will get by performing the targeted action: "Learn how to make money by trading...", "Get ready-made trading strategies", etc.


A loyal audience of bloggers is a valuable resource that can and should be used to increase earnings in the affiliate program. As you already know, there are many options for collaboration with influencers, but we recommend focusing on long-term relationships. This approach will provide you with a stable flow of traffic, loyalty and trust of the audience. Test the tool in your strategies, and if you still have questions, contact your CleverAff manager.