How to get organic traffic? Practical tips on SEO promotion



Organic traffic is the most valuable and profitable in terms of effectiveness in arbitrage. Investing resources in such traffic for a partner is a strategic step that will provide a stable stream of profits in the long term. 

The main way of "mining" organic traffic is SEO promotion of a web resource in the search systems. It can be your website, blog or a landing page with an offer. In this article, let's talk about how to optimize the resource to create a constant stream of leads and profits.

Advantages of organic traffic in arbitrage

Search systems are the absolute leaders in terms of the amount of traffic attracted. This is an audience of colossal scale, where you can set up a constant flow of users who are actively looking for information about trading and binary options. In addition, organic traffic has a number of important advantages for the affiliate:


  • Quality. Organic traffic that comes from a search system is considered the most valuable type of traffic, because such users are more likely to perform targeted actions.

  • Long-term results. Optimized content continues to attract traffic in time. It means that the results of SEO promotion can stay stable and long-lasting, providing a constant flow of traffic for a long period of time.

  • Cheapness. If advertising methods of promotion require large and constant financial investments, then basic search optimization of a resource requires technical skills and time, provided you do it yourself. 

  • Trust and authority. Visibility in search results gives a resource an additional level of trust and authority in users' eyes. This is especially important in the sphere of finance and investments.

  • Autonomous traffic generation. While the site works, people go to it. Each click, even without a completed target action, increases the authority of the site for the search system. Authoritativeness grows, which means increased visibility in search and the amount of traffic to the site.

  • Passive source of profit. After optimization, the process of attracting traffic to the site no longer requires constant engagement. Therefore, you can work on launching advertising campaigns while the site generates a flow of new traders to the trading platform in the background. In addition, you can redirect traffic from the website to other sites you need.


In general, search optimization and high rank in search results gives you a constant source of traffic, which reduces the dependency of earnings on investment in advertising.

Features of SEO promotion you need to know about

It is important to understand that search optimization is an effective tool when used correctly, not a magic button that brings money without any effort. Therefore, you should take into account the following features in working with SEO:


  • It is necessary to have basic search optimization skills or hire a specialist in this field. In the second case – this is an additional item of expenses. 

  • To see the result, you need time. With the competent realization of SEO promotion strategy, the first results you will be able to see in about a month, and a visible increase in traffic to the site – in 2-3 months. However, in the long run, it can bring much more profit than, for example, the launch of advertising with the result "here and now". 

  • High competition in high-frequency requests, where the lion's share of all traffic goes. Compete for the most popular requests you will have to large media buyers, and it makes no sense. At the first stages of search optimization it is more reasonable to pay attention to medium- and low-frequency requests in the subject of binary options, on which you can get to the top of the search results without much trouble.

  • Impossibility to predict the result. First, you can't guarantee a certain monthly volume of traffic to the site, even if SEO is performed according to all the rules. Volumes mostly depend on the behavioral factors of users. Secondly, the algorithms of search systems often change. To keep the site at the top of the output, you need to make adjustments to optimization in time.


Understanding the peculiarities of SEO, you can objectively assess the prospects of attracting organic traffic to your resource. And, if you aren't frightened by the importance of investing time and effort in attracting organic traffic, let's move on to the practical part.

Semantic core: keyword research for search optimization

Semantic core is a set of keywords and phrases (keys) that represent the topic of your offer and bring users to the site. Keys are the same search requests of the target audience, using which they are trying to find information on the topic of binary options trading. 

Keywords organically integrated into the site content, headlines and metadata increase the visibility of the site in search engines and help to increase traffic to the site. Also, the semantic core is a source of topics for creating new relevant content. The more such content, the better it is for search engine promotion. But, before optimizing the site for search requests, it is necessary to collect a semantic core, and for this purpose, you should conduct keyword research.

Step 1: Research the niche and target audience. Knowing who your audience is, you will be able to understand what phrases and words they may use to search for information on the topic of binary options.  And understanding the niche will allow you to decide on semantics that reflect the essence of the offer.

Tip: Monitor online trading communities to identify terms and concepts used by your target audience. It will help to create a relevant semantic core.

Step 2: Research competitors. Look into competitor websites that are effectively promoting in your niche using SEO. This will give you a general idea of relevant semantics in the topic of binary options and will serve as a reference point for creating your own semantic core.

Tip: in addition to competitors, analyze trends and news of the sphere to integrate relevant keywords, create interesting trending content and stand out among similar sites.

Step 3: Create a list of keywords. There are many useful tools for selecting and analyzing keywords. For example, you can find out what requests users are typing into the search using the following services: Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush and others. They will also help you understand which keys are the most relevant to the topic of binary options, what kind of competitiveness and search volumes they have. 

Tip: Instead of general terms like "trading" or "binary options", use "tail" keys (consisting of several words) that reflect specific aspects of binary options, for example, "binary options trading strategies for beginners".

Step 4: Generate the semantic core. To do this, select and organize suitable keywords from the list by relevance, volume and level of competition. 

Tip: Choose keywords that have a good volume but low competition, it will increase the chances of promotion.

SEO keyword optimization in the topic of binary options isn't much different from other topics. Therefore, we advise you to follow the generally accepted rules of content optimization, which we will discuss next.

Content optimization for SEO promotion

SEO content optimization is necessary to help search engine algorithms see your website and increase its rating in the results. Optimization involves making changes to text, images, links and even page code and includes the following aspects:


  • Integrating keywords from your semantic core into your content. Keywords help search systems understand the page content and match it to search requests.

  • Creating a clear and logical content structure using formatting. Use headlines, sub-headlines, lists, paragraphs, formatted quotes, text highlights, and other elements that improve readability and understanding.

  • Increase the quality and uniqueness of your content. Search systems like uniqueness, so it's worth auditing texts and images on your site for copy paste. You can either improve uniqueness or replace content completely with unique content.

  • Optimize images. Use ALT attributes for images and optimize their size to speed up page loading.

  • Optimizing meta tags, such as page title and meta description, is essential to attract users' attention in search results.

  • Mobile optimization. Make sure your content displays correctly on mobile devices.


The process of working with keywords in the process of optimizing a website is worth analyzing separately. Here are a few rules for effective keyword integration:


  • Integrate keys into texts as naturally as possible. Create logical transitions between keywords and context. Search systems take into account the connectivity and sequence of words. 

  • Spread keywords equally throughout the text. You don't need to implement all the keys in one paragraph or write them in commas at the end of the page. Search algorithms don't like keyword-laden texts.

  • Use keywords in headlines and subheadlines, making them informative and attractive. It helps both users and search engines better understand the structure of the content.

  • Include keywords in your meta tags: page title (title) and meta description (description). These are important elements for search engines that can increase clickability in search results.

  • Use keywords for image descriptions (ALT attribute) and in anchor texts for links.

  • Include the ability to share content on social media – if a user likes your article, they can share it on their page.


In addition to the above, it is also important to follow three rules: quality, regular updates and semantic diversity. Create useful content on trading topics that will make users stay on the site longer and therefore increase its rating. Update content and make changes to keywords according to changes in the topic trends. Use not only the keys but also their synonyms and related terms. This will help broaden the range of search terms that potential traders will use to find your content.

Applying SEO to social media

Optimizing your social media pages (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc.) can improve your website's search visibility and attract organic traffic. Although it is believed that social media signals don't really affect the ranking of a website, but practice shows that optimizing your profile and content on social networks gives a good boost for SEO promotion:


  • Google search engine often brings profiles and content from social networks to the top if it accurately responds to the search request;

  • clicking on links to your website from social networks can be a trust signal for search engines, which has a positive impact on its rating;

  • social media links can help in quick indexing of new content on the site, especially if you have active followers.


So how do you optimize your social media profile and content to boost your SEO promotion?


  1. Complete and optimize your profile. Create a relevant profile name that is easy to read, understand and remember. Fill in the information using keywords on the topic of trading. This way you will increase the profile's visibility in internal social media searches. 

  2. Add a link to your website in the page information and, of course, make active links to your social media profiles on the website.

  3. Regularly use keywords from your semantic core in your social media posts. 

  4. Keep a consistent style of content presentation on social media and on the website.

  5. Integrate links to your website into posts and stories. For example, you can write a post about a trading instrument and suggest reading a detailed article on your website. 

  6. Use hashtags related to the topic of trading, binary options, earning, investing, finance. This will make your posts more searchable within the social platform.

  7. Be on topic – participate in current trends and discussions on social media. This can make your profile more visible.


An optimized social media profile is an additional positive factor in website promotion. Use it to increase the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.


SEO promotion is an opportunity to get organic traffic and additional profit in the affiliate program. This is the method of generating leads that is considered the most stable and least costly. Is it worth investing time and resources in an optimized website? The choice is yours, but it is worth noting that this step can bring results after a few months and generate leads in the background for a long time. In the next article we'll discuss link strategy in SEO, as well as analyzing the effectiveness of promotion and optimization efforts. And if you still have questions – contact your CleverAff manager.