RevShare model: specifics of work and perspectives for a partner
03 Aug


What model of partnership should you choose to have a stable income in the CleverAff affiliate program? To make the right decision, you need to understand their features, advantages and nuances. In this article we will focus on the most popular model of partnership RevShare, which is used by the majority of our top partners.

How RevShare works

The RevShare (Revenue Share) rate is the charging of a certain percent of the trading platform's revenue to the partner during the whole period of the trader's activity. By choosing this model, the partner receives 50-70% of the profit received by the platform from each attracted trader for the entire period of his activity.

CleverAff affiliate program offers a dynamic percent on RevShare rate. At the start of work, a partner receives 50% of income, which is a high level on the market. Then the percent increases depending on the number of FTD (first deposits) attracted by the partner:

Pic 1. Dependence of interest amount on the number of FTDs (first deposits)


RevShare income rate calculation

RevShare income calculation is based on five indicators.


  • % RevShare – the size of the percentage of deductions to the partner (depends on the number of attracted FTD, it is specified in the table above).

  • NetGaming – the amount of "dirty income" the trading platform receives from traders attracted by the partner (without deduction of operating expenses and deposit/withdrawal commissions).

  • Bonuses – the amount of bonus funds that the trader has worked out on the platform.

  • Deposits – the total amount of deposits that the user has made on the platform.

  • Withdrawals – the total amount of withdrawals that the user has made on the platform.


The amount of RevShare reward is calculated according to the following formula:

% RevShare × (NetGaming - Bonuses - 5% × (Deposits + Withdrawals)) = Affiliate Revenue.

Perhaps now this formula looks complicated, but just look at the detailed statistics in the partner's personal profile, and the calculation becomes clear. Let's analyze the formula on a real example. Below you can see the statistics of one of our partners who works on the RevShare model. The screenshot is published with his consent.

Pic.2 Statistics in the partner's personal profile for RevShare calculation

In the lower right corner you can see the amount of partner's income for the displayed period. It is calculated strictly according to the formula we've analyzed above. In this example, the affiliate receives 70% as he attracted more than 101 FTD in the previous reporting period. Thanks to the detailed and transparent statistics, we can check the correctness of remuneration accrual according to the formula:

70% × (13 983.18 - 1262.91 - 5% × (6006.35 + 1603.3)) = 8638 $

Partner's income is calculated automatically by the system, so you don't have to do the math yourself. It is enough to periodically check the statistics in your personal profile to control your earnings.


Advantages of RevShare rate in CleverAff

CleverAff affiliate program offers several options for partnership that are profitable, and their terms are transparent and loyal. The RevShare rate has gained popularity among partners, as it is the most profitable for long-term partnership. And here's why. 

  • Attracted traders are permanently assigned to you, allowing you to earn income for as long as they trade on the platform.

  • The Binarium trading platform has a high LTV (customer lifetime value). The company creates a comfortable environment for its users by offering them a large selection of trading assets with high returns, no commissions, bonuses, promotions and 24/7 support. This means that traders use the platform for as long as possible. And you, accordingly, receive income all this time.

  • No income limits in CleverAff! Most affiliate programs set limits on the amount of income received from each referred trader on RevShare. This way they cut the potential earnings of affiliates. However, in CleverAff there is no "ceiling" on income, which makes the RevShare plan really beneficial and profitable.

  • Traders are attached to your account only when registering through your affiliate link or after applying an affiliate promo code. This prevents accidental unlinking of a trader from your account or transferring him to another partner.

  • Calculation of the amount of a partner's bonus is absolutely transparent. No hidden commissions in the formula! All the data that form the final income of the partner is in your personal account. And if you have any questions about accruals – just contact a CleverAff manager.

  • The dynamic percentage of deductions allows an affiliate to increase his income depending on his efforts. The more FTD a partner has attracted in the current reporting period, the higher the RevShare percentage will be in the next one. The RevShare percentage is recalculated each reporting period.  

  • The key advantage of the RevShare model in CleverAff is the open statistics on all attracted traders. You can see information both on their activity as a whole and on each individual user.


CleverAff provides partners with all the tools they need to take full control of their workflows and revenue.


RevShare rate features you need to know about

Certainly, RevShare is a profitable cooperation model for a partner. However, it is not a "magic button" that you can press to get a huge income here and now. In order to earn on RevShare, you need to responsibly approach the issue of attracting quality traffic and its warming up. Before you get started, keep three important things in mind:

  1. RevShare income will vary from month to month. It is impossible to predict how much you can earn, as the amount of remuneration depends only on the activity of attracted traders and your traffic. 

  2. Negative indicators in the statistics are normal. The feature of the RevShare partnership model is that sometimes there may be negative income in the partner's statistics. However, you should not be afraid of minuses. Experienced partners know that negative income is usually overcome by a big plus before the end of the reporting period. In addition, CleverAff offers its affiliates compensation for negative income up to $300. This option can be used if the partner attracted two or more FTDs in the previous reporting period. If the compensation doesn't cover the minus, you can always contact your manager and find the best way to solve the issue.

  3. It takes an average of two weeks to reach a stable high income. RevShare is a partnership model that brings maximum profit in the long term.

Therefore, you should take into account that during the first reporting period the payback on traffic may be weak. Some partners get upset and rush to change the rate without seeing the results immediately.

Knowing these details, you will be able to focus on your work without worrying about whether you have chosen the right model of partnership. 


Myths about RevShare

While researching information about RevShare affiliate programs and partnership model on the internet, you might have seen some statements that are wrong in reality.

Myth 1. 80-90% of RevShare deductions generate more revenue than 70% on RevShare. In reality, the promise of 80% or more RevShare deductions on an ongoing basis is unrealistic to say the least. It's just a promotional gimmick for attrackting partners.  The fact is that if you pay 80-90% to partners, the trading platform remains in a loss, and this is certainly not in its interests. 

Let's imagine a situation: an attracted trader makes a deposit of $1000, of which the trading platform itself covers 10-15% of the deposit commission, which is $100-150. Next, the trader withdraws $500 from his account, with the trading platform again covering the withdrawal commission of $25. If the RevShare percentage is 80%, the platform must pay the affiliate $400 and cover the transfer fee of $20. Under these conditions, the trading platform will remain at a minus: 

500 - 400 - 100 - 25 - 20 = -45 $

We can conclude from this that 80-90% RevShare deductions are a deceptive offer that shouldn't be considered by either beginners or experienced webmasters. Overrated percentages won't bring you more income than deductions of 70% due to the fact that hidden commissions and income limits are applied to the rates with such percentages.

In CleverAff affiliate program we prefer to work honestly and openly towards our partners, that's why we offer up to 70% on RevShare, which is the maximum real level on the market. 

Myth 2. CPA is better than RevShare. The CPA model of partnership (one-time payment for an engaged trader) has its own advantages and is also profitable. Often teams and networks choose the CPA model in order to pay off traffic as quickly as possible and see results. It is true that RevShare model has a slower payback, but in the long run the profit is higher than CPA, because active traders bring you earnings on a permanent basis. 

It is also important to realize that the effectiveness of a particular model depends on traffic. RevShare model is ideal for those partners who work with high-quality traffic, consider long-term partnership and want to receive not one-time, but constant income from the attracted audience. 


Still in doubt which rate is right for you?  Contact your CleverAff manager and he will help you choose the most profitable model of partnership, taking into account your working style and traffic peculiarities.