August payments and updates
06 Sep

Dear partners,

Payments were made and are already on your electronic wallet.

Congratulations on the beginning of autumn, as autumn is the time when all the holidays are over and it's time to take a close work to earn money for the next vacation. And whether the vacation will be in winter or only next summer depends only on your desire and diligence.

News updates:

1. Starting from September, partner payments will be made twice a month, i.е. now there will be not one, but two reporting periods, one from 1-15 and second from 16-30 (31).

2. Affiliate payments will come to your wallets without protection codes.

We constantly develop and add new landings, some are not in general access and they are issued individually. For more information, please contact support.

If you have any idea of a for cool landing page, that will boost your traffic – please write us, we’ll prepare it.

If you can increase traffic and you want individual payment conditions, we are always in touch, so do not hesitate to write and discuss your thoughts with us.

Sincerely yours,

CleverAff Team