Payments for the period from April 01 to April 30
11 May

Dear partners,

Payments are made and are already on your e-Wallets.

We hope that you have had a good rest during the holidays, because we have added several landings with which you can work and, most importantly, earn money. Look for the following landings:

  • Unbeatable - ideal for thematic traffic (sites, blogs, social network groups)
  • The owner of life - also a landing for thematic traffic. Will draw the trader's attention with the soundtrack by Matthew McConaughey himself
  • Maria Blog - landing aimed at the female audience. It showed great statistics for media buyers with volume and mainstream traffic (online-cinemas, mp3-sites etc)
  • Become happier - Landing with video reviews, introducing Olesya, successful trader. Excellent for those who work with social networks and women's audience

Wait, this is not all - we have a lot of hidden landings. Contact your account manager to get access to them - we convert everything from gaming traffic (World of Tanks landing and event), to cheap traffic from Kazakhstan (thematic blogs and news-landings)

Do you want to receive payments even more quickly? Tired of waiting when the manager will send the coveted protection code? Switch to ePayments payment system!

Already have a e-Wallet in this system? Contact the manager to change your payment information. Contact the manager to find out about the advantages of ePayments over other payment systems.


We're waiting for you in Skype -

And wish you only high rollers. :)


Sincerely yours,

CleverAff Team