How to buy advertising in Telegram



The main advantage of the Telegram platform is the phenomenal popularity of the messenger and the ability to attract the target audience quite cheap. Earlier we've already talked about using Telegram to work traffic  to the affiliate program. Read it, there is a lot of practical information in the article. And now let's understand how to buy advertising on the channels.

Benefits of buying advertising on your own

The essence of self-purchasing advertising is that you need to find channels suitable for a number of parameters and agree with the owner or admin on the schedule, format and price of advertising. It should note that each channel has its own requirements for advertising publications, the theme of the advertiser, as well as periods of placement and cost.

Self-purchasing advertising has a number of advantages: 


  • you control your own budget and where, when and how your ads will be released; 

  • you don't have to pay a commission to agencies, and the money saved can be invested in promotion; 

  • selecting channels for advertising yourself, you can more accurately hit your target audience, because you will be the one to evaluate the platforms on the quality of content, subscriber activity and advertising effectiveness.


In addition, by negotiating in person, you can bargain and "beat out" the best placement conditions for yourself.

Budget and cost of advertising in Telegram 

As a rule, the price of advertising on a channel is influenced by CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions), the period or frequency of advertising, and who makes the creative, you or the channel representative.

The CPM differs depending on the theme of the channel. Current market data at the time of writing looks like this:


  • memes, music, movies and other entertainment topics – up to $2;

  • news, history, self-development, politics, etc. – from 2 to 7 $;

  • IT, author channels, finance, business, marketing, etc. – from 16 $;

  • cryptocurrency – on average 150-200 $.


However, some channels can deviate from the market rules and set the price for displays at their own choice.

In order to estimate the budget for purchasing advertising on a particular channel, you should find out the channel's reach and the average market CPM in the selected theme. For example, there is a channel on the theme of "Finance", which has a reach of 20,000 impressions per day. We calculate: Coverage multiplied by CPM and divided by 1,000. It comes out: 20 000 x 16 / 1 000 = 320 $. This is the average amount per ad in the 1/24 format, where 1 is the time that the post will be on the channel, and the second is the time until its removal. By the way, formats can be different: 2/48, 3/72 and so on. Knowing these figures you can already make an approximate budget for advertising.

How to select topics, where there is your target audience

The effectiveness of advertising depends on how accurately you choose the topics of channels for seeding. It's about hitting the target audience. To keep the price of a new subscriber low, it is important to advertise on channels whose topic is related or close to trading. Of course, health channels may have potential traders who are interested in your offer. But in the end, you will waste your entire budget on just 10-15 subscribers. But on channels with similar topics the concentration of potential leads is much higher, so for the same money there will be dozens or even hundreds of times more interested audience.

Analyze your target audience in order to choose the right topics. On the Binarium platform, the main audience segment is men aged 18-34, who make up 67% of all users, and men aged 35-44 – 20%. These are office workers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Traders more often combine trading with their main job or studies, are interested in business, sports, technology, finance and investments, crypto, as well as lifestyle topics. A more accurate determination of your audience's interests will allow you to manually analyze the active subscribers you already have. Take a look at their social networks and subscriptions – this will help you make a list of topics that your audience can inhabit.

Another way to find the channels where you have your audience is to check where subscribers go to your successful competitors. You can do this in special services, for example, in Telemetrio, which we will talk about in more detail below. In such services, you can find information about which sources have quoted or mentioned your competitors, when and where they wrote about them, and on which channels their advertising was released.

Where and how to look for channels for advertising? 

So, you already know what topics are suitable for advertising, but how do you find these channels? By using the same Telemetrio service. This is an intuitive and quite informative catalog, which is considered one of the best on the market in terms of the level of analysis of sites. The catalog includes channels with more than 200 subscribers, and analytics data is updated in real time. The service has a convenient search by category, filters by title, keywords in the description, audience gender, language, channel type (closed or open), views, number of subscribers, ER (ratio of the average number of views to the number of subscribers).

Pic.1. Telemetrio search filters

By filtering the channels by any of the parameters, you will get a selection from which you should further select sites for detailed analysis. For example, we have set a filter for the "Business and Finance" category. The main data for each channel from the list can be seen immediately in the catalog list.

Pic 2. Data of channels in the "Business and Finance" category

Clicking on the name of a channel will take you to a page with detailed statistics.

Pic.3. Detailed channel statistics in Telemetrio

Channel analysis: what's important to know

The selection of channels for advertising begins with analysis. It is important that the platforms were not only suitable topics, but also sufficiently "alive" and active. It is very easy to run into scammed channels and bots. In Telemetrio they are marked with a red bar with a message about suspicious actions.

Additionally, you can protect your budget from scammers with a simple analysis in Telemetrio: 


  • Look at subscriber growth rates. Normal channels have high growth in the first hours after the purchase of advertising, and then it gradually declines, while the scrambled ones may have unexplained unreasonable jumps.

  • Replies after the publication of the last post. Strangely enough, having such unsubscribes is a good sign. For "live" channels this is a normal situation, the main thing is that they were a small number. 

  • Reposts and forwarding are an indicator of the "liveliness" of the channel. If they are there and there are a lot of them – the channel has a real audience, and if there is no audience at all – there is a high probability of a cheat.


You can see information about growth, unsubscribes, reposts and forwarding on the channel's Telemetrio page.

Pic 4. Normal channel growth, smoothly going to decline

Pic 5. Unsubscribe after the post is published

Pic.6. Channel mentions and forwarding publications

So, if the channel is not a bot, then continue analyzing. Once again, go back to the audience growth data. You'll find them at the top of the channel's homepage. In the column "Day" – the number of subscribers who came or left the channel in the last 24 hours. In the "Week" and "Month" columns, respectively. It is important that the indicators are plus for at least a week and a month. This means that the channel is being promoted and there is an increase. This will positively affect the return on your advertising. If the data are negative, then the channel has not been purchased for a long time and the audience is already "overheated". Against the background of negative indicators, you can reduce the price of advertising, or better yet, refuse to place it at all.

Pic 7. Positive channel growth

The next step is to check the channel activity data. In the Telemetrio service, statistics are available in convenient graphs, which can be opened by clicking on the "Dynamics" button on the channel's home page. You should pay attention to the coverage of publications and ERR (the ratio of views to the number of subscribers). A high ERR indicates audience engagement.

Next, in the same section, evaluate the reach and ER of advertising posts that are placed on the channel. This will allow you to predict how many people will see your ads.

Pic 8. Daily coverage of publications

The next information you need to know is who is advertising on this channel and what the results are. In the tab you will find everyone who bought ads on the site and the number of people who saw the ad.

Pic 9. Advertisers of the channel and coverage of their advertising

The last thing to evaluate is where the analyzed channel buys advertising. It is important that the promotion goes in close and related topics. If the channel works in the topic of "Business and Finance", and the purchase of advertising does on channels about child education, handicrafts or memes, then the audience on it won't be relevant and solvent. You can check where the site is advertised on the main page of the channel in the "Who/who was mentioned" section.

Pic 10. Topics in which the analyzed channel is promoted

After analyzing in Telemetrio, you can go to the channel to see the content, activity on posts and the general style of running the channel, the format of posts, and the manner of communication with the audience. This is also necessary in order to develop appropriate creatives that won't be a "white crow" among other posts.

Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising

Once you've selected suitable platforms, agreed on the cost ( ideally based on the market CPM) and publication schedule, made creative and run the ads, the stage of evaluating the effectiveness comes. 

The effectiveness of Telegram advertising is measured by the price of a subscriber. The lower it is in the end, the better. The calculation formula is as follows: 

Cost of advertising post / number of new subscribers = cost per subscriber

For example, you spent $650 on a promotional post on channel "X" and 1,000 people subscribed to the channel. So the price per subscriber is $0.65. If you run advertising on several channels at the same time, you should calculate the cost of a subscriber for each separately. This way you will understand which channel is more effective, and which one is no longer worth wasting your budget on.

To track growth across different channels, use unique invitation links for each ad. You can create them in the Telegram link manager. There you will also be able to see the number of subscriptions to a particular link. We've already told you more about analyzing the effectiveness of link advertising in the article Telegram for working with traffic.


Buying advertising on Telegram channels is an opportunity to get quite cheap leads, fill your own channel with relevant audience and, as a result, increase your profit in the affiliate program. The success of promotion in Telegram depends on how carefully you choose topics and analyze the channels for advertising. Use the information from the article to make a proper advertising purchase, and if you still have questions – CleverAff managers are on the phone!