Terms and conditions of cooperation

Affiliate Program CleverAff:
terms and conditions
General terms and conditions

Broker — Customer’s Internet site, offering services of trading of binary options in real time on the Internet;

Affiliate — webmaster (acting as a private or legal person) that accepts a public offer on CleverAff.com site. Partner is working to promote products within the CleverAff customer program on the Internet;

Affiliate Program — Marketing agency working on attracting visitors to the customer site using affiliate products and schemes;

Trader - the person who have come to the client’s site via the click on the affiliates’ link. Trader is a user that have registered a personal account;

Earnings - commission payment to the Affiliate as a percentage of the profit from each attracted trader;

Payout - charging Affiliate’s funds to his or her Partner Program account. Transactions can be made on any external billing system supported by the Affiliate Program;

Accounting business period - the period during which happens an accumulation of Partner’s funds for subsequent transfer to the customer's account in any supported billing system​​

Promo materials - tools used by partners to attract new traders, further promotion of services provided by Partner Program clients on the Internet and through other communication channels.

CleverAff Affiliate Program Terms of Work
  1. When starting to cooperate with CleverAff.com, each Partner undertakes to comply with all the terms and conditions of the Affiliate program.
  2. Participation in the Affiliate program implies full agreement of the parties to these terms and conditions of cooperation. The changes in the CleverAff Affiliate program are possible without prior notice to the Affiliate.
  3. Each Affiliate accepted the terms of the CleverAff Affiliate program thereby confirms that he or she is older than 18 years.
  4. Each Affiliate is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of personal CleverAff Affiliate Program credentials (including login and password). In the case of loss of confidential personal data, Affiliate Program does not bear any responsibility.
  5. CleverAff Affiliate program reserves the right to refuse to the co-operation without giving any reason.
  6. CleverAff Affiliate program, as the facilitator, reserves the right to change the general rules and conditions. Rules, published at the site of the program are considered to be operating at the moment. Chronology of changes in the Affiliate program rules is not logged.
  7. CleverAff Program strictly prohibits its partners to use spam as a promotional instrument. In the case of any spam activity from the side of the partner, CleverAff reserves the right to close the affiliate accounts in the CleverAff without any further payments.
  8. Affiliates are not allowed to register their private accounts at the broker. In the event of such action, the partner’s account is blocked. This rule applies equally to people personally familiar with a partner.
  9. Affiliate program provides partners with graphic materials but does not supply texts. Partners may use the information available on the ClewerAff and Binarium websites in their description. Copying texts from the ClewerAff and Binarium websites “as is” may be grounds for termination of cooperation with a partner.
  10. CleverAff affiliate program prohibits the use of "Hybrid" and "CPA" commission schemes by Partners who share his or her earnings with his traders. In the case of detection of the fact of abusing the "Hybrid" and "CPA" commission programs CleverAff may cease cooperation with a partner.
  11. CleverAff reserves the right to put Partner Account on Hold or subtract money earned under the "Hybrid" and "CPA" programs, in the event of suspicious traders activity (For example: player passes CPA-qualification but there is an absence of activity, or withdrawal of the deposit without turnover. For new webmasters with unconfirmed sources of traffic, the deposit turnover of such players must be a Deposit*3).
  12. All the partners are strictly prohibited to share their revenue with the players they have brought using the CleverAff Program and are strongly forbidden to use the “% of broker turnover”, “CPA” and “Hybrid” commission schemes. In case this instruction is not followed the affiliate program reserves the right to terminate the collaboration with the partner in one\'s reasonable discretion.
  13. CleverAff affiliate program retains the right to request a Partner for traffic sources where the Partner promotes the Broker. If the Partner flatly refuses to show those sources affiliate program reserves the right to withhold partnership with the Partner.
  14. CleverAff Affiliate Program may be able to leave Affiliates without compensation in the case when traders were driven under one of the CPA model, as well as in the event of identification of traders with multiple registrations on the Brokers website. CleverAff.com Affiliate Program reserves the right to suspend the accounts of CPA Affiliates with abnormally high proportions of clients with multiple active registrations at the same time.
  15. Do not use the methods of attracting traffic which can cause reputational or any other harm to CleverAff and Binarium.
  16. Affiliate program reserves the right to make changes in the partners' financial balance, taking into account the amount that the trader gained or lost as a consequence of the activity of fraudulent players. Balance changes for this reason can be made indefinitely for any time since the fraud has been detected.
  17. Affiliates are prohibited from opening more than one account in the Affiliate Program. If such facts are revealed, the Affiliate's accounts are blocked.
Affiliate program commission structure

Each RevShare Affiliate works on earns a percentage of brokers revenue from traders referred by the Affiliate. The percentage of RevShare income does not depend on the Affiliates turn-round and is equal to 50-70% of brokerage income, not including chargebacks.

Negative account balances workflow

Affiliate program automatically compensates negative balances of partners, the absolute amount of which during reporting timeframe is up to and including $300. Negative balances that exceed $300 will be transferred to the next reporting timeframe.

If a partner attracts fewer than 2 first deposits during the previous reporting period, negative balance compensation for that period will not be provided.

In some cases, Affiliate program can carry large negative balances by parts to the next reporting timeframes. A partner can contact Affiliate program help desk with a request to restructure his large negative balances.

Procedure and terms of payments
  • The accounting period set by CleverAff program is 15 (13, 16) days and is calculated for 1-15 and 16-30 (28, 31) of the month. Payments to partners are made twice a month, within 5 working days after the end of the accounting period.
  • Affiliate payouts are made to the Affiliates payment account. The minimal payout sum makes $20.
  • Affiliate payments cannot be paid in time for reasons of checking traffic sources for new partners or for Partners whose players demonstrate suspicious activity. The term of a delay in payments (hereafter - hold) is defined by the administration of the Affiliate program at their sole discretion.
  • The administration can put accounts on Hold for partners who have less than 30 registrations and 5 first deposits from these registrations for a month. The terms of removing an account from the Hold are determined by the administration of the affiliate program, based on the history of cooperation. In case of absence of the indicated volume of registrations and first deposits for more than a year, the earned funds can be written off.
Resolving disputes procedure

In the case of conflict, CleverAff program is always ready to consider the partner's arguments and approach to solving the arising problems on the most fair and honest basis regarding the interests of both sides. Decision taken by the CleverAff representatives is always final and cannot be the subject of reconsideration

Sub-partners (referrals)

CleverAff affiliate program permits the affiliates to earn not only by attracting players to our client platform but also by attracting new affiliates.

CleverAff pays the affiliate 5% from all earnings of the new partners he had attracted. When attracting new partners, context advertising on the Binarium and CleverAff brands is prohibited