FAQ | All about affiliate program

  • What schemes of cooperation can you offer me?

    - Revenue Share (RevShare) provides partners with a stable income as a % of the company's revenue from each active client during the lifetime.  Partner income = %RS * (NetGaming - Bonuses - 5% * (Deposits + Withdrawals)). The percentage ranges from 50% to 70% and depends on the number of first deposits attracted during the reporting period:

    FTDs       % RevShare
    0-10 50%
    11-20 55%
    21-50 60%
    51-100 65%
    101+ 70%

    - CPA $25 + RevShare 25% (Hybrid) - It is a one-time payment of $ 25 for a trader who has made deposits in the amount of $ 50 or more with a real trades sum from $ 100, as well as a lifetime 25% of the platform's income from this trader.

    - Income from bets –the percentage of accruals is 2% of the real trade turnover, which is displayed in the Bets column.

    - CPA - a one-time payment for a trader you refer. This commission plan can be requested from your manager after attracting more than 500 first deposits within a month. The conditions for CPA are individual for each partner.

  • Where can I find my affiliate link?

    You can create a link in the Promo materials section. At the second stage of creating promotional material, you need to select Direct Link

  • How to start working with an affiliate program?

    First, you need to verify your email address. After that, you should choose the tariff at which you want to cooperate with us and create a link for it. Your account is ready to go :)

    Some time after registration, the manager will contact you to discuss the details of cooperation, as well as assistance in any matters.

  • How much money can I earn with CleverAff affiliate program?

    The only person with the answer on this question is you. Many our partners receive 20 000$ (or even more) in a week, others settle for 300-500$ per month. Your success depends directly and solely on your experience, skills, perseverance, and, of course, on your desire to work and earn. 

  • Can I trust you?

    Binarium has been operating since 2012, and the affiliate program since 2014. During this time, we have never complicated cooperation, have not stopped working with any countries and have not cut payments. We believe that this will answer the question posed. Transparency and honesty are the main rules of our work.

  • Where can I find promo codes?

    You can find promotional codes for more effective attracting of traders in our telegram channel @cleveraff_en.

    Also, we offer partner promo codes that users can enter at the second registration step on Binarium.A feature of these promotional codes is that it does not matter which link was clicked. If user enter a partner promotional code, the user will be assigned to your partner link. To receive an affiliate promo code, you must provide the manager an affiliate link, as well as wishes for the promo code word.

  • Where can I get trading signals for traders?

    We have a telegram channel with 24/7 signals, from which you can take signals and provide them to traders. To clarify the possibility of adding you to the channel, please contact support.

  • What GEOs do you accept?

    The main GEOs, at the moment, are the CIS countries, as well as Asian countries (India, Philippines, Thailand and others) and Latin American countries, such as Brazil.

    If you have traffic from other countries, we recommend to contact your manager to clarify details on them.

    Forbidden GEOs: USA, Canada, as well as residents of the EU countries (attracting citizens of other countries located in the EU is not prohibited).

  • I need a unique promo tool. Can you help me?

    Yes, of course! Simply contact one of our affiliate managers, and tell them about your demands and wishes. We often develop tailor-made promotional materials for major webmasters, and always consult the webmasters with their ad campaigns in each case. We are the ones who most interested in placing the information in the most attractive way.