• Do you charge any fee for joining the affiliate program?

    Of course not! We offer you mutually beneficial cooperation, and take all the costs of opening and maintaining accounts of our partners. All the costs for opening and maintaining accounts we take upon ourselves, webmasters should only drive quality traffic to us. :)

  • What schemes of cooperation can you offer me?

    - Revenue Share (RevShare) provides partners with a stable income as a % of the company's revenue from each active client during the lifetime. Formula profit =% RS * (NG - Bonuses - % of billing).


    - Hybrid (% of turnover+CPA) – while working with this program you will receive % of tunrover and 50$ for every real player. You will recieve one-time 50$ payment when trader deposits ammount will equeal 100$.


    - CPA – One-time 20$ payment for every attracted trader. This plan can be requested from support after bringing more than 20 real players (first depositors) in a month.

  • How often will I receive the earnings in your affiliate program?

    Affiliate payments are made twice a month, for 1-15 and 16-30(31) of the month. In case of coincidence with the holidays or weekends, affiliate payouts are transferred to the first following business day.

    If you work on CPA, a payment can be holded until the end of the next reporting period to verify involved traders.

    But in case if you are our long-term partner we are always ready to meet your needs and make a payout on your request. Just contact with the representatives of our affiliate support service and explain your demands. In the majority of cases we will meet your wishes!

  • How can I withdraw my earned money on CleverAff?

    Affiliate payouts are made to:

    • WebMoney,
    • E-payments,
    • QIWI
    • Yandex.Money
    • Bank transfer
  • What is the referral commission and how much do I earn with it?

    Referral commission is the commission for bringing new webmasters to our affiliate program. Tell your friends about how profitable and easy it is work with our affiliate program, advice them to register in our system by sending an email invitation, and earn lifetime income of 5% of your friend’s income.

  • What are “Balance” and “Funds to pay”?

    After the end of each accounting period “Funds to pay” are transferred to the “Balance”. If affiliate/webmaster earns 20$ until the end of current accounting period (or until the end of few subsequent accounting periods), the affiliate payout is carried out onto affiliate account (which affiliate entered while registering in our affiliate program) in amount of “Balance”.

  • Why is my balance decreasing?

    The balance is formed during the reporting period. At this time, your traders can bring both positive and negative income. But do not worry, in the end you will get more than the competition with a similar percentage.

    After the end of the reporting period, the balance is transferred to the payout and does not change before the payment is made.