26 Jun
New tool for driving traffic: YouTube Shorts Streams

Short vertical videos have won over the internet audience and can now be found on almost all social networks. The first was TikTok, but today YouTube Shorts, where they recently added the ability to stream, looks more perspective. In this article, let's understand why it is worth using streaming in Shorts and how to do it.

14 May
Seasonal marketing in traffic arbitrage

How to use seasonal marketing to promote in the binary options vertical? In this article, we will go into detail about why seasonal marketing is important and how it benefits CleverAff partners, as well as look through strategies for its successful realization.

01 Feb
Promoting a website in search systems: effective SEO methods and analytics

How to promote a website about trading and binary options in search engine rankings and significantly increase organic reach? We discussed keyword optimization, which is the first step of successful SEO, in the previous article. And now let's look at other important stages of the promotion strategy. We will talk about SEO analysis and optimization, as well as about using artificial intelligence to simplify the processes. 

24 Jan
How to get organic traffic? Practical tips on SEO promotion

Organic traffic is the most valuable and profitable in terms of effectiveness in arbitrage. Investing resources in such traffic for a partner is a strategic step that will provide a stable stream of profits in the long term. 

The main way of "mining" organic traffic is SEO promotion of a web resource in the search systems. It can be your website, blog or a landing page with an offer. In this article, let's talk about how to optimize the resource to create a constant stream of leads and profits.

28 Nov
How to work with Influencers to create a flow of traffic from social networks

Influencer marketing, as you already know, is one of the most profitable and effective tools that generates a stream of quality traffic to the platform. Now in CleverAff affiliate program influencer traffic is at the top in terms of volume and brings high profits to partners.

If you don't work with Influencer traffic or bloggers-influencers yet, we advise you to learn this tool as soon as possible. In this article, we'll go over the key aspects of working with bloggers to make it easier for you to incorporate influencer marketing into your strategy.