21 Jun
How to drive traffic using short vertical videos: TOP 6 social networks

Quality traffic is a key factor for stable earnings in an affiliate program. But what traffic source should you pay special attention to? The answer is simple: choose social networks that promote short vertical video formats and streams. Let's understand why you should invest resources in such social platforms and where exactly you can find potential leads.

14 Jun
GEO India: How to deal with Indian traffic

India is a prospective region for attracting new traders. Lately large bookmakers, crypto-exchanges and trading platforms have been actively coming to the Indian market. It happened because the Internet became available to more than 43% of people in the country, and that's why the necessity for online-earning appeared!


Working with the Indian audience, you can greatly expand your potential in the affiliate program and increase your profits. In this article we'll look at the specifics of GEO and give you some tips on how to work effectively with Indians.

08 Jun
Best neural networks for making creative pictures and videos

How to create pictures for posts and landing pages without designers, and videos without actors and cameramen? Of course, using the neural networks, which produce the right visuals at the snap of a finger. In our previous articles we've already looked at ChatGPT and how to use it in an affiliate program, and made a compilation of generators of unique texts to attract traffic. Now let's take a look at the best AI-based services that will draw cool pictures and edit videos for your content marketing.

26 May
Generating Traffic Using Neural Networks: Writing Effective Texts

Content is the key tool for attracting and monetizing traffic. We have to be creative and create compelling content to attract new traders. It takes a lot of time and effort... But what if we delegate the task of writing texts to artificial intelligence? In a matter of seconds, a neural network can create a useful post about trading, a clickbait headline, or a persuasive review.

19 May
How to use ChatGPT to drive traffic to CleverAff

Today, artificial intelligence is no longer a dream of the future, but a reality accessible to everyone. Its application is widespread in many fields, from medicine and education to business and technological innovations. But you know what's even cooler? It's the use of this technology to optimize traffic generation! We have tested numerous AI-powered services and decided to write a series of articles about the best assistants in this field. The first article is dedicated to the most in-demand "genius" - ChatGPT, our beloved chatbot!