31 Aug
How to buy advertising in Telegram

The main advantage of the Telegram platform is the phenomenal popularity of the messenger and the ability to attract the target audience quite cheap. Earlier we've already talked about using Telegram to work traffic to the affiliate program. Read it, there is a lot of practical information in the article. And now let's understand how to buy advertising on the channels.

03 Aug
RevShare model: specifics of work and perspectives for a partner

What model of partnership should you choose to have a stable income in the CleverAff affiliate program? To make the right decision, you need to understand their features, advantages and nuances. In this article we will focus on the most popular model of partnership RevShare, which is used by the majority of our top partners.

19 Jul
How to track the effectiveness of traffic sources. Practical advice

Analyzing the effectiveness of traffic sources helps a webmaster determine the profitability of advertising investments and, most importantly, understand which channels have produced the best and worst results. By using analytical data, you can minimize budget waste, improve the performance of advertising campaigns, and ultimately increase your revenue. Let's discuss how to track the effectiveness of traffic sources using the tools of the CleverAff affiliate program.

06 Jul
Telegram to work with traffic

The Telegram messenger is a convenient and, most importantly, effective tool for traffic warming up and conversion. In our affiliate program we often recommend leading the target audience from social platforms to Telegram. It's time to understand what makes this messenger so good and how to use it for earning in the CleverAff affiliate program

29 Jun
Monetizing Traffic on TikTok: Simple Life Hacks

While vlogs on YouTube are slowly becoming a thing of the past, short videos are revolutionizing the world of video content. In our previous article, we discussed social media platforms that promote vertical videos, with TikTok being the most popular among them. The app has been downloaded over two billion times, which means your chances of attracting a loyal audience increase exponentially!